Well dear friends, this year has been full of sadness and tragedy, so it is time to give an update as to what has happened.
In the New Year my husband David was very ill and had to be taken to hospital; he had been in and out of hospital since November 2016.
He came home for Christmas but was back in hospital in the New Year and on 16th February 2017 he passed away peacefully age 84.
We were together for over 27 years.
Since then I have had to cope with bone cancer and arthritis and also having to move to a ground floor flat; and as the house we were in housed all our musical instruments, my music and my beloved Viscount 3-manual Grand Opera Organ I had to make the very difficult and often harrowing decisions to get rid of most of our possessions.
And I also had to make the decision to close down our Klavar Music website and to stop the sale of our music books; so now this site is up and running for information only and nothing else.
Thank you to all of you who have purchased books and supported us since 1993 - now it is time to finish and to enjoy what years remain to me with not only the wonderful memories of the many instruments I have played, but the memories of David and I helping those young people who came to us to be taught to enjoy both to play and to sing - to entertain.

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